Persons tagged with «Research administration»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mari Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Mari Adviser +47 22858516 +47 45267706 Research administration, External funding
Picture of Magnus Garder Evensen Evensen, Magnus Garder Senior Adviser +47 22844411 +47 98407827 Horizon2020, Research administration
Picture of Arve Fløystad-Thorsen Fløystad-Thorsen, Arve Adviser +47 22856069 +47 97116069 External Funding, Research Administration
Picture of Britt-Marie Agneta Forsudd Forsudd, Britt-Marie Agneta Senior Executive Officer +47 22856953 +47 97132291 PhD, Research administration, Study abroad, Student and Staff mobility
Picture of Katerina Houben Houben, Katerina Adviser +47 48193789 Events, Internal Communication, Recruitment, Research administration, Research support, PhD coordinator
Picture of Vita Kvedaraite Kvedaraite, Vita Adviser +47 22854724 Research support, Research administration, FECCS
Picture of Lisa Nordick Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47 22856041 +47 22856041 Research administration, External funding, Cristin
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 +47 97131496 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Communication
Picture of Johan Schimanski Schimanski, Johan Professor +47 22854314 +47 97424023 Comparative Literature, Literature, Literary studies, Literary theory, Borders, National identity, Postcolonialism, Arctic, Welsh literature, Science Fiction, Literary museums, Migration literature, Migration, Research administration
Picture of Ingrid Bugge Stange Stange, Ingrid Bugge Research advisor +47-22858194 Research administration, Externally funded projects, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Søndergaard, Pia Adviser +47 22855614 +47 92424106 PhD coordinator, Research administration, Research support