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Information on the coronavirus at The Faculty of Humanities

Contact and updated information


In order to ensure predictability for students and staff, UiO has decided that ordinary lectures and teaching will remain digital through the end of this semester.

Check courses offered digitally in the course group rooms in Canvas.


UiO has decided that there will be no written exams in Silurveien in spring 2020. The decision has been made in order to ensure predictability for students and teachers. 

Our goal is to offer exams during the same time period as originally planned.

Exam alternatives will be published on your semester pages before Easter.

Sources and referencing

As a student at the Faculty of Humanities, you may be asked to write an academic assignment.

Due to the current situation, most of the school examinations that were planned for the spring 2020 semester are changed to short take-home examinations.

Please note that the same rules for use of sources and referencing will still apply for these short home examinations, with one exception: 

  • For take-home examinations that are 6 hours and shorter, you are not required to include a reference list (bibliography).

Compulsory activities

In the Spring semester 2020, extraordinary regulations apply to absences from compulsory activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Formal documentation of absence during compulsory activites is presently not required.

You must still report your absence by filling in this form.

Postponement of hand-ins

HF has granted up to two weeks postponement on all compulsory hand-ins when the student has taken ill.

All delays require contact with a student advisor.

Foreign exchange students


All events have been cancelled until further notice. Student pubs have also been closed.