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The student assistant scheme at HF

What is a student assistant?

At HF we distinguish between two types of student assistants:

  1. Learning assistants support students in learning activities. Students appreciate help that can be given by someone who has recently completed studies in the same subject. Learning assistants have fresh recollections of what it was like to take the subject and what they found challenging.
  2. Teaching assistants support the teacher during classes. Examples of tasks include: technical support for students and teachers in Canvas or in the classroom; monitoring chat/raised hands in Zoom.

In some instances, student assistants will be allocated tasks that fall under the roles of both learning assistant and teaching assistant.

Division of responsibility (who does what)

The departments are responsible for recruitment and appointment, and must ensure that student assistants receive information about:

  • What tasks the student assistants will carry out and which courses they may be asked to support
  • The expectations of the department regarding the work
  • Which course modules the student assistants should sign up for
  • Contact person at the department
  • Contract and salary
  • Working hours: extent, times, deadlines


  • Organizes pedagogical and technical training opportunities
  • Some follow-up support during the semester

Opportunities for learning assistants

What should departments think about when using learning assistants?

For the collaboration to be successful, it is decisive that learning assistants and teaching staff have a good dialogue, and that work in groups has a natural place in the design of the teaching.

Surveys conducted among students show that close correspondence between group work and other activities on the course is vital for good learning outcomes. Similarly, learning assistants describe this as key for them to do a good job. It is therefore important that the departments provide learning assistants with sufficient information about the courses/ programs with which they will be working.

Through their work, the learning assistants will learn a lot about how the students experience teaching, what they find difficult, what is easy, and which activities are perceived as meaningful, etc. This is valuable information for those who plan teaching and learning activities. You may therefore wish to consider ways in which the teacher can make best use of this information.

Training for learning assistants

The training aims to:

  1. Provide the learning assistants with an understanding of the role
  2. Provide tools for working with student groups

HF:Studio does not provide subject-specific training / information – this must take place at department level and preferably in dialogue with the subject teacher / course instructor. In the training, we use Learning Assistants in Action (in Norwegian) – LINK's resource for learning assistants.

The training consists of three parts:

  • Foundation module (week 35) - 2 hours.
  • Optional courses (from week 34) - student assistants choose courses in consultation with the department. We will have a limited offer on English.
  • Voluntary gatherings throughout the semester.

Support for teaching assistants

Training for teaching assistants

HF:Studio offers training in software and AV equipment for digital and hybrid teaching.

The courses will take place in the hours between 12-3pm and will last 30-60 minutes. You will be notified of the exact time when registering.

  • Equipment in teaching rooms and hybrid rooms (physical – limited number of places): 18 August, 19 August, 23 August, 24 August
  • Zoom (digital): 20 August, 25 August
  • Teams (digital): 20 August, 25 August
  • Canvas (digital): 20 August, 25 August

Registration for training of teaching assistants

Deadline to sign up: August 15.

Practical questions - FAQ


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