Persons tagged with «Communication»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Charlotte Lindblom-Rosén Lindblom-Rosén, Anne Charlotte Acting Head of Administration +47 22844298 +47 47655358 master, Mobility, Communication
Picture of Olaf Sunde Christensen Christensen, Olaf Sunde Senior Executive Officer +47 22854651 Communication
Picture of Helene Wilberg Wilberg, Helene Senior Adviser +47 22857647 +47 95062371 Communication, Strategic communication, Press contact, Public relations, Research communication, Internal communication
Picture of Petter Løken Løken, Petter Section Manager +47 22844860 + 47 -95237474 Communication, Web editor
Picture of Eirin Cathrine Lade Lade, Eirin Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 22850440 Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Ellen Evju Jahr Jahr, Ellen Evju Seniorkonsulent +47 22855404 +4746056582 Communication
Picture of Camilla Marie Chausse Chausse, Camilla Marie Senior Adviser +47 22854844 +4747234806 + 47-47234806 Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Karoline Hagane Hagane, Karoline Adviser +47 22854019 Web publishing, Communication, Research communication, Development
Picture of Ingvild Eikrem Koløen Koløen, Ingvild Eikrem Adviser +47 22854128 +47 99297370 Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Johanne Cecilie Høyem Jørgensen Jørgensen, Johanne Cecilie Høyem Avdelingsleder +47 22844174 Web editor, Communication
Picture of Elisabeth Maria Neuhaus Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Senior Executive Officer +47 22844237 +4798635585 Web publishing, Events, Social media, Internal communication, Annual report, Research support, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Communication