Persons tagged with «Spanish»

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Picture of Julian Cosmes Cuesta Cosmes Cuesta, Julian Lecturer +47 22856772 Spanish grammar, Spanish Language, Spanish, Podcast
Picture of Alvaro Llosa Sanz Llosa Sanz, Alvaro Associate Professor +47 22855532 Spanish, Spanish Literature, Spanish Culture, Literary Theory, Book History, Renaissance Literature, Hypermedia, Media history, Rhetoric, Material Culture, Digital Humanities, Digital Literacy
Picture of Jorge Joaquin Locane Locane, Jorge Joaquin Associate Professor +47 22840690 Spanish, Latin American Literature, Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Translation, China, Decolonial Theory, Cold War Studies, Comparative Literature, Poetry, Transnational Intellectual Networks, Global South, Globalisation, Glotopolitics, World literature
Picture of Pål Sbertoli Nielsen Nielsen, Pål Sbertoli Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855229 97746340 Comparative Conversation Analysis, Interactional Linguistics, Intercultural Pragmatics, Spanish, Norwegian, Response Particles
Picture of Juan Pellicer Pellicer, Juan Spanish, Spanish literature, Spanish culture
Picture of Monica Poza Dieguez Poza Dieguez, Monica Senior Lecturer Spanish, Spanish Literature, Spanish Language, Spanish culture, Spansk, Spansk språk, Spanskspråklig litteratur, Spansk kultur
Picture of Maximino Jesus Ruiz Rufino Ruiz Rufino, Maximino Jesus Professor +47 22844714 Spanish, Spanish Language, Spanish grammar, Spanish as a foreign language (ELE)
Picture of Alexandra Anna Spalek Spalek, Alexandra Anna Associate Professor +47 22856158 Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Semantics, Pragmatics, Spanish, German