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Picture of Max Johannes Kippersund Kippersund, Max Johannes Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Metaphysics, Perception
Picture of Øystein Linnebo Linnebo, Øystein Professor +47 22856961 +47 46660036 Philosophy, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Frege
Picture of Kjell Madsen Madsen, Kjell Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Reidar Kiljan Maliks Maliks, Reidar Kiljan Professor +47 22858002 Philosophy
Picture of Alejandra Mancilla Mancilla, Alejandra Professor +47 22841677 +47 92816049 Philosophy, Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental philosophy, Environmental Humanities, human rights
Picture of Christopher James Masterman Masterman, Christopher James Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Jørn Kløvfjell Mjelva Mjelva, Jørn Kløvfjell Doctoral Research Fellow 95047723 Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics
Picture of Ragnar Braastad Myklebust Myklebust, Ragnar Braastad Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Gry Oftedal Oftedal, Gry Senior Lecturer +47 22841062 Philosophy
Picture of Toshiro Osawa Osawa, Toshiro Postdoctoral Fellow Philosophy, Kant, Ethics, Political philosophy, History of philosophy, History of philosophy 1600-1800
Pepp, Jessica Alden Researcher Philosophy
Picture of Joey Pollock Pollock, Joey Researcher Philosophy
Picture of Inger Julie Nygaard Preus Preus, Inger Julie Nygaard Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Øyvind Rabbås Rabbås, Øyvind Professor of Philosophy 22844449 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg Ramberg, Bjørn Torgrim Professor +47 22841673 Philosophy
Picture of Hugo Ribeiro Mota Ribeiro Mota, Hugo Doctoral Research Fellow +47 458 47 052 Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of language, Disagreement, Wittgenstein
Picture of Nils Diderik Roll-Hansen Roll-Hansen, Nils Diderik Philosophy
Sandvik, Håkon Bruun Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Jens Saugstad Saugstad, Jens Professor of Philosophy +47 22856978 + 47 90608040 Philosophy, Ethics, Applied ethics, The Philosophy of mind, Kant, Wittgenstein, Political philosophy, Epistemology
Picture of Francesca Secco Secco, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy, Philosophy of mind
Picture of Camilla Serck-Hanssen Serck-Hanssen, Camilla Professor +47 22844452 Philosophy, History of philosophy 1600-1800, Kant, Conceptual Engineering, Ethics of War
Picture of Feroz Mehmood Shah Shah, Feroz Mehmood Senior Lecturer +47 22859150 Philosophy, Kant, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Phenomenology, Political philosophy, History of philosophy
Picture of Kari Sletnes Sletnes, Kari Lecturer Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Smajdor, Anna Professor +47 22857546 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Reproduction
Picture of Rachel Sterken Sterken, Rachel Researcher Philosophy