Persons tagged with «Philosophy»

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Picture of Sebastian Watzl Watzl, Sebastian Associate Professor +47-228-41672 Philosophy, attention, ERC, consciousness, action, Democracy, Social media
Picture of Keith A. Wilson Wilson, Keith A. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Perception, Representation, The senses, Philosophy of psychology, Cognition, Cognitive Science, consciousness, Epistemology, Metaphysics
Picture of Thomas Kjeller Johansen Johansen, Thomas Kjeller Professor 40595738 Philosophy
Picture of Herman Wright Cappelen Cappelen, Herman Wright Professor of Philosophy +47-22844833 Philosophy
Picture of Ingrid Lossius Falkum Falkum, Ingrid Lossius Associate Professor +47 22844838 +47 91307237 Philosophy, Linguistics, Pragmatics, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Linguistics, Philosophy of Communication
Picture of Karen Crowther Crowther, Karen Philosophy, Philosophy of science
Picture of Ellef Prestsæter Prestsæter, Ellef Philosophy
Picture of Joey Pollock Pollock, Joey Researcher Philosophy
Picture of Feroz Mehmood Shah Shah, Feroz Mehmood Senior Lecturer +47 22859150 Philosophy, Kant, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Phenomenology, Political philosophy, History of philosophy
Picture of Egil Hjelmervik Hjelmervik, Egil Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Føllesdal, Dagfinn Kåre Philosophy
Sandvik, Håkon Bruun Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Ragnar Braastad Myklebust Myklebust, Ragnar Braastad Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Christopher James Masterman Masterman, Christopher James Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Arne Johan Vetlesen Vetlesen, Arne Johan Professor +47 22857754 Philosophy
Strand, Arne Philosophy, Ex.phil
Brændvik, Geir Parelius Lecturer +47 22857540 Philosophy
Picture of Gry Oftedal Oftedal, Gry Senior Lecturer +47 22841062 Philosophy
Picture of Olav Gjelsvik Gjelsvik, Olav Professor +47 22856976 Philosophy
Picture of Alejandra Mancilla Mancilla, Alejandra Professor +47 22841677 Philosophy, Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental philosophy, Environmental Humanities, human rights
Picture of Kari Sletnes Sletnes, Kari Lecturer Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Caj Sixten Strandberg Strandberg, Caj Sixten Professor +47 22844833 Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Normative Theories
Smajdor, Anna Professor +47 22857546 Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Reproduction
Picture of Mirela Fus Fus, Mirela Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844839 Philosophy, Philosophy of language, Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of mind, Social ontology
Picture of Laura Crosilla Crosilla, Laura Researcher Philosophy