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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karoline Farbrot Farbrot, Karoline Adviser +47-22844469 Human resources administration
Fossen, Emily Henriksen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844442
Picture of Greta Holm Holm, Greta Senior Adviser +47-22856914 Competence, Salary, Human resources administration, Legal counsel, Equal opportunity
Picture of Mira  Kramarova Kramarova, Mira Adviser 0047 22 85 42 90 Human resources administration, Parental Leave
Langseth, Solfrid Oppedal Senior Executive Officer +47-22844433 Archives
Picture of Øystein Moe Moe, Øystein Senior Executive Officer +47-22856490 Archives
Picture of Astrid Nilsen-Nygaard Nilsen-Nygaard, Astrid Senior Executive Officer +47-22854393
Nordstrand, Evian Adviser +47-22856318 Human resources administration
Olsen, Tonje Nathalie Adviser +47-22857755
Picture of Helga Reiss Reiss, Helga Section Manager +47-22858310 +47-97040008 Human resources administration
Picture of Steffen Remvik Remvik, Steffen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854278
Rykke, Anders Higher Executive Officer +47-22844473 Archives
Sletner, Hilde Kristine Adviser +47-22854702 Human resources administration
Trandheim, Åse T. Records Manager +47 22 85 63 65 +47 47 67 31 85 Archives
Tøllefsen, Julie Bårdsen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854033 Human resources administration