Local Organizing Committee

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Our Local Organizing Committee welcomes you at the 10th EST Congress in Oslo! A diverse team of scholars and administrative personnel coordinates and gathers efforts to design and offer an engaging and warm Congress.

General Coordinators

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Kristina Solum

Kristina Solum is associate professor of Interpreting Studies at OsloMet. Her research interests are interdisciplinary – being a prize-winning literary translator, holding her MA in interpreting studies and a PhD on cooperation in translation – putting a spotlight on the invisible actors in the process such as ghost writers and copy editors.

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Alvaro Llosa

Álvaro Llosa Sanz is associate professor of Spanish at UiO. His interests are primarily Hispanic literature and transmedia, has researched on the role that memory and imagination played in Spanish Golden Age texts, but also on how a new media ecosystem transforms narratives, the reader and the ways we understand digital publishing. He is recently working on cultural mediations and imagological approaches in literature, co-leading the project "Found in Translation: Southern Europe/Norden".

Support team

Elena Azcona

Gabriel Gustavo Gallo

Alexandra Skandali

Nhu Phuong Nguyen 

Zheng Ma

Mafalda Almeida

Osman Abdullah

Arthur Henriksen 

Nora Brodtkorb

Ingrid Brevik 

Martin Lysrud

Angelica Zetina-González

Ahmad Alhashmi

Stine Oseassen

Nicole Martha Sirnes

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