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Registration is mandatory for any participant in the EST22 Oslo Congress. Additionally, a registration fee must be fully paid within the given deadline in order to complete the process and be considered as a participant.

Registration deadlines

Registration form submission


February 21 - April 5, 2022

Presenters, conveners, organizers, EST board members

April 6 - April 25, 2022

General audience

 Registration form


Payment submission


April 5, 2022

Presenters, conveners, organizers, EST board members

April 25, 2022

General audience

 Payment here (E-pay) form 

*​If you participate virtually, only main presenters must register and pay the Congress fee. In this way we would like to facilitate the participation of groups who will be not present.

Fees information


Fees apply equally to on site and virtual participation. 

1500 NOK (Master and PhD students)

2000 NOK (EST members)

2500 NOK (non EST members)*

*Do you want to become a EST member. Please, check this info

Plus 1000 NOK (Congressional dinner on June 24, 2022, is optional)

Registration fees includes the attendance to all the academic presentations including four plenary talks, optional participation in some pre-conference workshops, a welcome package, coffee and meals during the congress, a welcome cocktail, and two social/cultural events. 

May 27, 2022 is the deadline for cancellations with a right to get a refund and it is also the deadline for very late payments. 

Are you an online participant? Check this info on video presentations.

Questions? Contact us:

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