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Oslo Metropolitan University and the University of Oslo are partnering to offer two academic modern venues in Oslo for the 10th EST Congress.

Our venues for the EST Congress are located in Pilestredet 32 at OsloMet campus, five minutes walking from the city center, and Georg Sverdrups hus at Blindern campus, University of Oslo, ten minutes by tram from OsloMet. Both are well connected via tram and subway with the city, and easily reached by train or bus from Oslo-Gardemoen airport.

Image may contain: Sky, Building, Urban design, Street light, Tower block.Venue A – OsloMet : Andrea Arntzens hus


P32, Andrea Arntzens hus (opened in 2013) is located in the extension of Pilestredet Campus in the city center of Oslo. The building has a large Auditorium (440 seats), a medium sized auditorium (142 seats), a large classroom (130 seats), 7 medium classrooms (2 with 60 and 5 with 40 seats) and 2 small classrooms (20 seats). All rooms have PCs, projectors and sound systems, and the building offers WiFi connectivity. It also counts with a canteen with capacity for 500 people. More classrooms, auditoriums and cafeterias are available within walking distance.

Image may contain: Sky, Plant, Shade, Architecture, Urban design.Venue B – UiO : Georg Sverdrups hus


Georg Sverdrups hus (opened in 1999) is located at the center of Blindern campus and is a publicly funded postmodern and functionalist Scandinavian style building designed to be used as a Library of Humanities and as an lively luminous space for academic and cultural events. The building counts with a large Auditorium (456 seats), a medium size auditorium (76 seats), six smart rooms (48 seats and 32 seats), and 5 other small rooms for specific meetings (12 seats). Both auditoriums and all the smart rooms have a PC, a projector with sound system, and the entire building offers WiFi connectivity. It has an ample canteen. More extra smart rooms, auditoriums and cafeterias are also available one minute walking from the building in Blindern campus. The hall is designed to show professional exhibitions, receptions, and other cultural events. On Fridays the Library offers “Lunch and Culture” musical event to contribute for a relaxing atmosphere during lunch time.

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