Julia Souma + Juho Härme

Please note that these are two separate talks. 

14:15 - 15:00: Julia Souma

15:15 - 16:00: Juho Härme

Julia Souma (University of Tampere, Finland): 

Expression of negation in Russian language in bilateral state treaties between Russia and Finland

I will tell about the use of negation in the Russian version of the state treaties between Russia and Finland. Negation in Russian can be expressed by explicit negation markers (particles , prepositions, etc.) and implicit negation markers (verbs and nouns expressing prohibition, refusal etc.). In the Russian versions of the documents explicit negation markers (particles, prepositions, etc.) are used much more frequently than implicit negation markers in comparison with the Finnish versions. This phenomenon can be explained by the language specificity, by diplomatic discourse conventions, and possible prevalence of translating the treaties from Russian into Finnish over composing texts directly in Finnish.


Juho Härme (University of Tampere, Finland):

Five reasons for placing a temporal adverbial in the clause-initial position in Finnish and why there are more in Russian.

The presentation discusses some of the main findings of a dissertation project comparing the positions of temporal adverbials in Finnish and Russian. The study is based on four comparable corpora, which have been queried for approximately 50 different temporal expressions in both languages. The occurrences of the temporal expressions have been filtered to include only affirmative SVO sentences, and a statistical model has been built to investigate the reasons for placing the adverbial either at the beginning of the clause, between the subject and the verb, between the verb and the object or at the end of the clause. In this presentation the differences concerning the clause-initial position are discussed using a constructional approach.


These talks are funded by the SIU grant "Text corpora in training linguists and translators (NCM-RU-2016/10039).


Ruprecht van Waldenfels and Elena Callegari
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