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Research proposal - template

Template for research proposals in connection with applications for a position as postdoc, PhD candidate or researcher

All research proposals must be based on this template. Research proposals must not exceed 14,000 characters including spaces.

Applications with a research proposal longer than 14,000 characters will not be considered.

Title of the project

  1. Main objective and summary of the project
    (Present the main objective of your project and a brief summary, explaining how you intend to attain this goal. The purpose is to give the reader sufficient information to decide whether the project is of interest.)
  2. Background to the project
    (Provide a brief account of the existing knowledge in the field the project is part of and show how the project will contribute to new knowledge. Explain how your project is relevant to the research at the Faculty of Humanities – for individual researchers, research groups or projects.)
  3. Theoretical framework
    (Outline the theoretical foundation of the project and the reasons you have chosen this particular foundation.)
  4. Research question(s) and expected findings (hypothesis)
    (Describe the question(s) you want to answer through your project, and briefly outline what answer(s) you expect to find on the basis of previous research and theoretical background. Your research questions and hypotheses should focus and delimit the topic.)
  5. Method
    (Give an account of the methodological foundation for your project and any research-ethical problems linked to the project. Describe the underlying data and source material that will be used and how these will be collected and analysed)
  6. Proposed dissemination
    (Outline your proposed outputs: your plans for communicating / publishing your project – articles, monographs, lectures, etc.)
  7. Progress plan
    (Outline briefly how you intend to organise your work over the duration of the project, including any planned or anticipated periods of study/as a guest researcher outside the University of Oslo and/or field work. For PhD: We do not expect you to know about individual courses, seminars, etc. that will be included in the training component.)

Total: no more than 14,000 characters (including spaces). It is up to you to decide how they are distributed among the different sections of the research proposal.
In addition, your research proposal may also include:

  • Literature references (max 3,000 characters)
    (The reference list must be sorted alphabetically by author.)

Word count

To count the number of characters in a text in MS Word, go to Review, and select Word Count. 14,000 characters with spaces is just under five pages of text written in Times, 12 point type, with one and a half line spacing.

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