Compulsory introduction courses

All PhD candidates must take the faculty’s introduction courses. The courses are compulsory and worth a total of 5 ECTS credits.

The introduction courses consist of an introductory seminar, a course in philosophy of science and a research ethics course. Application for exemption or postponement to be sent to the PhD Coordinator at your department.

Introduction courses

The introduction courses are aimed at new PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities and are normally taken in the first year of the PhD programme. Courses are held in English.

Introductory seminar (2 credits)

This two-day seminar is aimed at new PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities, and as a rule, the introductory seminar should be attended in the first semester of the PhD. It adresses the rights and duties of being a PhD candidate at the Faculty, as well as a range of basic skills in academic writing, presenting, library work, and handling academic and non-academic careers.

Participants are required to prepare in advance presentations for course sessions, after conferring with the course leader.

When: Twice per year - Spring and Autumn

Theories of science in the humanities (2 credits)

The course in theories of science will strengthen the candidate’s basis for discussing and reflecting on fundamental issues relating to philosophies and theories of science, in the context of their PhD project and those of other candidates. The course deals with key and overarching theory discussions in the humanities, with the relationships between the humanities and other scientific traditions, and with the notion of a ”common core” for the humanities. It is an arena for exploring the theory of science dimensions of each PhD project, their similarities and differences with other projects and traditions within the humanities.

The course requires the candidates to write a paper in advance, outlining relevant theory of science aspects of their thesis project for colleagues, as well as for a reader outside of one’s own academic tradition.

When: Twice per year - Spring and Autumn (from Autumn 2018)

Research ethics (1 credit)

The research ethics course aims to increase awareness of ethical issues that may arise when planning research projects, conducting research and disseminating findings and conclusions from research projects. The course is based in a wide understanding of what constitutes ethical concerns in the humanities, but also provides information of concrete ethical challenges and procedures in the research process, connected for instance with textual representation, interviewing and observing informants, with relevant ethical rules and regulations.

The course requires preparing a short text in advance that outlines ethical issues relevant to the candidate’s PhD project.

When: Twice per year - Spring and Autumn (from Autumn 2018)

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