Media dissemination of research (2 ECTS points)

This course in research dissemination and outreach teaches the possibilities and demands of disseminating research to a general, non-academic audience. It provides hands-on writing skills, starting from the course participants' PhD projects and discipline, as well as academic reflection on news and current affairs media as arenas for research dissemination.

The course combines overview session on the demands and Image may contain: Text, Font, Signage, Line, Rectangle.possibilities of research dissemination with working sessions that feature group work and individual feedback.

The course participants are required to submit a draft dissemination text based on their PhD project. The draft will be revised as part of the course teaching. Course credits are given when the text is published for a general audience.

This course is non-compulsory in the 2020 fall semester. Its 2 ECTS points cover the 2-point requirement for research dissemination within the Faculty of Humanities' 30-point total coursework.

Joint sessions will be in English; writing can be done in English or Norwegian with corresponding individual feedback.

Course leaders: Mina Hauge Nærland og Espen Ytreberg. Mina Hauge Nærland is currently journalist and former desk editor in Aftenposten. Espen Ytreberg is professor and author. 

Time and place

December 3rd and 4th of December 2020, Niels Treschows building - 12th floor.

Time for both days: 9.30 - 16.00 if mainly via physical participation, 9.30 - 14.00 if only digitally.

Technology and covid-19

Since the future development of covid-19 is uncertain, the course teachers must reserve the right to determine closer to the date whether it is possible to meet physically with digital supplements, or we have to limit ourselves to teaching digitally. The main platform will then be Zoom.



Faculty of Humanities, Peter Andreas Kristoffersen and Espen Ytreberg
Tags: PhD course
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