PhD course in research ethics

Seminar on research ethics for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities. Compulsory course. Candidates in their second semester or later will be given priority.

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Registration deadline: Monday 31st August 2020

ECTS credits: 1

The course requires compulsory preparation. Information will be sent to participants and posted here. This is a compulsory course for candidates on the Faculty's PhD program. Candidates in their second semester or later will be given priority.

Course leader: Bjørn Ramberg

Compulsory preparation

By 28th September 2020, all participants must submit to the course leader Bjørn Ramberg a 2-4 page text discussing one or more ethical challenges in connection with their PhD project. The texts will be read by other participants to the course and discussed in groups. Here is a list of possible challenges, but others may also be raised:

  • Challenges related to ethical rules and guidelines as set by NESH, NSD or other, subject-specific bodies. E.g: how to understand, weigh and implement the guidelines; how to establish and handle a dialogue with relevant bodies; how to handle guidelines felt to be unsatisfactory.
  • Challenges in handling a concrete body of empirical material (e.g. archives, texts, informants); how to handle role complexities and conflicts vis-à-vis informants; handling clauses; handling third parties; how to represent/quote texts/archives in the ph.d thesis.
  • Challenges arising in collaborative research endeavors; eg., co-authorship,publication order of related articles, changes in intra-group relationships.
  • Broader/more general ethical challenges, e.g. power relations between researcher and informant; researcher imperatives toward societal engagement and the commitment to criticism.

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