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Learning outcomes

The PhD programme aims to educate independent researchers of a high international standard within the humanities, in accordance with recognized scientific and ethical principles.

Learning outcomes – knowledge, skills and general competence

The course of study qualifies candidates to undertake research and other work requiring a high level of scientific insight and analytical thinking.

  • Completing the programme puts candidates at the forefront of knowledge in their field. The doctors have insight into and command of important issues relating to philosophy of science and research ethics, as well as expertise in research methods in their field. They can evaluate the suitability and application of different methods and processes in research and development projects. The doctors can contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, methods and interpretations within their field.
  • The doctors can formulate scientific problems and plan research and development work. They can conduct research and professional development work of a high international standard. They can work with complex scientific issues and challenge established knowledge and practices in the field. Furthermore, the doctors can guide others in research work within their own field.
  • The doctors can identify relevant ethical issues, and conduct their research in line with applicable ethical guidelines and principles for good research practice.
  • The doctors can take part in and contribute to scientific collaborations and to developing their own academic environment.
  • The doctors can disseminate research findings through recognized and relevant channels. They can participate in debates in their field in international fora. The doctors can disseminate knowledge and research findings to various recipients, both in academia and beyond.
  • The doctors can identify and convey the relevance of the research to the development of knowledge and society.
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