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Midway assessment

Midway assessment

All candidates on the PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities are subject to a midway assessment.

The midway assessment is a compulsory part of the PhD programme.

The departments are responsible for conducting midway assessments for candidates employed by the department. This includes candidates with an external employer.

At the start of the programme, the department, candidate and supervisor agree on when the midway assessment will take place, in line with the schedule of work, research trips etc.


The purpose of the midway assessment is to assess the progress of the project in relation to planned completion.

The assessment will identify any measures than may be needed to help complete within the nominal length of study and improve the quality of the research work.

The assessment will take place after some of the work has been done, but early enough to allow for adjustments of direction and progress. The assessment will also provide an opportunity to obtain external input to the project.

The midway assessment will be a central and compulsory part of the department’s follow-up of the candidate, in addition to ordinary supervision, annual progress reports and any performance assessment interviews.


The midway assessment committee will normally consist of two academics; one of whom should have no connection to the candidate’s department or immediate research environment.

Academics who participate in the midway assessment are not necessarily disqualified from adjudicating before the public defence, but the department must exercise discretion and caution.

If, during adjudication of the candidate’s completed thesis, the department wants to use a member of the midway assessment committee as a member of the adjudication committee, the department must assess the member’s impartiality and comment on the relationship in the committee proposal.

The candidate presents an outline, schedule of work and, where applicable, a status report to the committee, in addition to a draft text (chapter or article).

Part of the midway assessment can be open to PhD candidates and research groups, but only the candidate, supervisor and committee can attend the summing up and concluding parts of the assessment.

The committee concludes its work with a brief written report, which is sent to the candidate, supervisor and the department’s PhD Coordinator.


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