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About the PhD-education at Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN)

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At ILN we offer supervision for our candidates in the research fields of Scandinavian language and literature, Linguistics, Old Norse and Celtic studies, Rhetoric and in Norwegian as a second language. The Department manages several large research projects, we have a Centre of Excellence, Multiling, where all aspects of research in multilingualism is carried out. At DLS you will also find the Centre for Ibsen Studies, The Text Laboratory and The unit for digital documentation (EDD). The PhD-education at DLS has a training component, part of it common for all research fellows at Faculty of Humanities.

Courses and seminars at ILN

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Head of Research, Åshild Næss, has the overall responsibility for all candidates at ILN.

PhD coordinator Pritty Patel-Grosz is responsible for the training component in linguistics and philology for candidates at Faculty of Humanities.

Administrative PhD coordinator at ILN: Britt-Marie Forsudd

PhD coordinator at ILOS, Atle Wold, is responsible for the training component in comparative literature.


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