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Organisation at IKOS

All PhD candidates at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages will be part of a research group or a multidisciplinary research network.

Educational component

All PhD candidates at the department must take the faculty’s compulsory courses, carry out one or more thesis seminars, participate in at least one international conference and complete a dissemination component.

The department’s thesis seminars are either held for each subject individually or as joint seminars, and are worth 2–4 credits based on the presentation of the candidate’s own text and the opponents’ comments.

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Candidates must draw up a plan for the educational component together with their supervisor at the start of the programme. Planned participation in external courses and seminars must be registered with the PhD coordinator for prior approval. Candidates are responsible for the safekeeping of all documentation of courses etc. for the final, overall approval of the educational component.

Credits are awarded based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Thirty credits correspond to six months’ work, i.e. 750–900 hours. One credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work.

A candidate’s own efforts and active participation are required in order to be awarded credits from the programme’s educational component. A theory syllabus, requirements for submission, presentation of own text, critique of other people’s text, and attendance requirements are all specified for the individual courses (seminar/course/conference).

Midway assessment

In 2014, compulsory midway assessments of thesis projects were introduced for all PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities. The purpose is to obtain the best possible picture of the direction that the project is taking, how well the candidate is doing and what work still needs to be done on the thesis at 60–70% way through the studies. The midway assessment will provide specific scientific and practical input for the final thesis work. Candidates with an external employer will also be subject to a midway assessment.


Courses and seminars at IKOS

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