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Midway assessment at ILOS

The midway assessment is a compulsory part of the PhD programme for all candidates at ILOS - Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages.

The purpose is to assess how the project is progressing and what the status is with regard to the remaining parts of the thesis. This will be at approximately 60-70 % of the project period. The assessment should help identify any measures necessary to complete the thesis within the stated deadline. With an article-based dissertation, the main focus may be on the introductory chapter and any remaining articles, but the candidate may also present published work in order to keep the whole in view.

External reader

An external reader (chosen by the candidate and the main supervisor) plays a key role in the midway assessment. One can also ask the co-supervisor to suggest some names. The main supervisor is responsible for contacting this external evaluator and inviting him or her to come to Oslo at a certain date. The PhD candidate and the supervisor decide together on which parts of the thesis to submit to the chosen reader. This may be, for example, a draft of the main introduction plus two chapters or articles. The candidate may also want to ask for advice relating to some problem or concern. The texts should be submitted, with a progress plan and contents list, to the reader at least three weeks before the actual midway assessment is to take place in Oslo. 

The administrative staff will assist with the bookings and other practicalities. Contact PhD Adviser Sarah Salameh.The Department will cover travel expenses and one night at a hotel (or two nights for travels involving major time difference) for the external reader. There is a honorarium of NOK 5,000 for the external reader. The co-supervisor can also be invited to observe the midway assessment, using Zoom or another suitable video conference tool. The Department will in these instances pay a honorarium to the co-supervisor of NOK 1,000. 


The midway assessment should take the form of an extended supervision session, engaging both the external evaluator, the candidate and the main supervisor. One can invite others to come and join in the discussion, but it is important to facilitate that the evaluator can give an honest and critical opinion of the work presented, which may not necessarily be possible in front of a large audience.



The candidate presents an outline of the current status of the thesis work (15 mins maximum).The evaluator responds (90 mins maximum). This part should take the form of a discussion between the candidate, the external evaluator and the supervisor. The meeting ends with an assessment of the progress plan. Afterwards, the evaluator should send a brief report in English, or in the language used in the dissertation, to the candidate, cc'ing the supervisor and the PhD Adviser Sarah Salameh.

New funding opportunity - Midway seminar

If the candidate and the main supervisor should wish to organize an open seminar in connection with the midway evaluation, there is now an opportunity to apply for funding to invite the PhD candidate’s co-supervisor to come to Oslo.The co-supervisor will then be expected to participate in the actual midway evaluation and to contribute with a paper or lecture in a seminar to be held the day before or after. The PhD candidate will also present a paper based on his or her dissertation project. Other participants may include, for example, the main supervisor, the visiting midway evaluator, members of the research group and anyone else wanting to contribute. For more information about this funding opportunity, please contact the PhD Adviser Sarah Salameh.

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