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Final seminar

Both the supervisor and candidate face a challenge with the submission of the thesis. Is it good enough?

The final seminar should take place 2-3 months before the candidate plans to submit the thesis and should be based on a comprehensive draft of the thesis.

At the final seminar, an opponent will be appointed to consider and discuss the candidate's draft thesis. The seminar will take the form of a two-hour seminar where the candidate will have the opportunity to present the thesis (10–15 minutes), and the remainder of the time will be spent on the opponent’s assessment of the thesis and discussion between the opponent and the candidate.

Other interested parties are free to attend the seminar.

The purpose of the final seminar is to support the candidate as he nears completion of the thesis. The seminar should be perceived as a positive experience, and all participants should focus on giving the candidate constructive feedback.

If desired, the draft thesis can be made available for colleagues who plan to attend the seminar, within a reasonable time before the seminar.


The final seminar should be held 2–3 months before the candidate plans to submit the thesis.

The opponent should have 1 month to read the thesis.

The Research Consultant should be notified of the final seminar about 5 months before the expected submission date.

The candidate, supervisor and opponent will agree on a date for the final seminar, coordinated by the Research Consultant.


The PhD Coordinator, supervisor and candidate will agree on an appropriate opponent. The opponent should be external. The opponent at the final seminar must not be a member of the adjudication committee.


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