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Organisation at IMK


We manage and approve (and attributes credits) the Department's educational component. Credits are awarded based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Thirty credits correspond to six months’ work, i.e. 750–900 hours. One credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work.

Educational component

All PhD candidates must complete the compulsory course package (5 credits) at the Faculty of Humanities.

Candidates at the Department of Media and Communication must also attend the department’s compulsory seminars;

International and national short courses (1–5 days) (compulsory)

Fully-developed courses will normally be offered through our website, but candidates are responsible for registering and completing them. The number of credits is specified in advance; normally between 1 and 10, and will vary depending on the following criteria:

  • How extensive the requirements are for the syllabus literature to be read before/after the course.
  • How extensive the requirements are for active participation in seminars, and whether writing an original paper is a requirement.
  • Whether senior researchers will attend and participate, and the ratio of seminars and teaching.
  • The duration of a conference/seminar is a poor indicator of the number of credits: attendance (without paper presentation) will only be worth credits when other criteria are also applicable.

International conferences and seminars (compulsory)

International conferences and seminars (1–4 days) within subject areas and fields. Normally 1 credit for writing and 1 credit for presentation, i.e. a maximum of 2 credits. The number of credits depends on:

  • Whether you will present a paper (+), and whether the paper is an original paper written for this course (+) or is a project presentation/previously presented paper (-)
  • Whether there is an opponent and close follow-up of your paper within a workshop framework (+) or a more open, international conference with sessions (-)
  • The number of days that a conference/seminar lasts is a poor indicator of the number of credits: attendance (without paper presentation) will only be worth credits equivalent to the time spent at a conference/seminar.

Thesis Seminar (compulsory)

Candidates shall present his/her text twice and comment on other texts at least once.

Research dissemination (compulsory)

Credits can also be awarded for dissemination outside academia. Up to 3 credits can be awarded for this type of dissemination. The supervisor and candidate should work together to find appropriate fora for dissemination to the general public.

Compulsory seminars at IMK

All new candidates must attend a meeting (Introductory) in the autumn where new projects are presented and the course of study is introduced. A midway seminar will be organized and a final seminar will be held near the end of your PhD studies. You will be invited to these seminars and expected to attend. Credits are awarded according to time spent at the seminars, normally 1–2 ECTS.

Support courses

Both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences offer various regular courses in languages, writing, publishing, career building etc. Credits are only awarded for the time spent on such courses, and only up to a maximum of 3 credits

Courses initiated by candidates

Candidates are free to propose a 1–2 day seminar/course that they take responsibility for developing. This could entail inviting other PhD students (4–7 participants is a good number) to take part, and inviting a senior researcher to read and respond or teach/give a lecture. Credits for participation are as specified above, and one extra credit is awarded for organizers of such courses.


Keeping record of courses and approval

PhD candidates are responsible for participating in the courses and for ensuring that the courses they choose are the right level and quality in relation to their needs and progress. Planning and participation should be agreed with the supervisor at the start of the study period. The candidate must arrange for approval and documentation of all credit-bearing participation and for the safekeeping of copies of all documentation throughout the PhD education. In order to have credits evaluated and approved, candidates should use the following form and include all the relevant information and documentation. Note that the form should be submitted before the participation in any activities.The PhD Coordinator is responsible for granting approval of all courses, seminars and conferences.

Before submitting the thesis, the documentation form must be completed and signed by the candidate’s supervisor and approved by the PhD Coordinator.

In order to be awarded credits, active participation is expected in the form of submissions, presentations and opposition

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