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Introductory seminar

Once you have been accepted, you will be contacted by the PhD Coordinator and Research Consultant, who will propose a date for a meeting where you will go through formal papers and be introduced to the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Media and Communication.

During this introductory conversation with the PhD Coordinator, the candidate will learn more about the plans for the education and how it is structured, the ongoing activities, and the department in general. There will also be an opportunity for a supervisor to be recommended at the Department of Media and Communication, as well as a co-supervisor at the Department or other institution.

PhD candidates are expected to keep up-to-date with e-mails sent to the Department’s e-mail list of PhD candidates and to follow which courses and activities are on offer on the Department’s website.

The introductory seminar will have the following components:

  • Welcome talk with the PhD Coordinator and Research Consultant.
  • Introduction and training in library searches with the Department’s Academic Librarian.
  • Presentation of the project. This is expected to be a further development of the project from the project outline.
  • Life as a researcher.
  • Structuring of the doctoral work. How to draw up a plan for completion.

The introductory seminar will be held during the first seminar, and only if there are three or more new PhD candidates.

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