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Midway seminar

The midway seminar consists of two main components:

  1. Presentation of the project and progress, and
  2. Text development seminar

Presentation of the project and progress

The candidate presents the thesis work to date at an open seminar. The presentation should ideally be held early in the third semester, and include:

  • Description of the research project, research questions and choice of methods.
  • Description of the theoretical educational component.
  • Description of what has been achieved in the project so far.
  • An up-to-date schedule of work for the research project with target dates, and an assessment of which points in the plan are most critical.
  • A probability assessment to show that the work will be completed as currently planned, on time.

The candidate will begin by presenting the work (approx. 20 minutes). The work will then be discussed by two opponents (the PhD Coordinator and an internal/external opponent). The time allocated to comments is approximately 20 minutes. Finally, other participants at the seminar will be given the opportunity to ask the candidate questions.

The PhD Coordinator will lead the seminar. The candidate, opponents, supervisor(s) and the PhD Coordinator take part in the seminar. Beyond this, it is open to any other interested parties.

The candidate must send written supporting material for the presentation two weeks before the seminar is to be held. This should include an overview of the thesis work done so far, including the key research questions, the theoretical framework and the methodology. The supporting material must also include a plan for the remaining work.

Text development seminars/work in progress

The text development seminar builds on the Department’s midway seminar and is a seminar in which several candidates work on developing texts simultaneously. The text development seminar is held during the third semester and is headed by the PhD Coordinator (or an internal employee), and ideally at least three candidates should participate. Candidates are expected to read each other’s texts and comments during the seminar.

The PhD candidate will work on a text that he wants to develop. It is best if the candidate works on a new text, one that has an intended place in the thesis.

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