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The Educational Component

The educational component in the programme option for Musicology amounts to a total of 30 credits ECTS, following the structure below.

Structure of the educational component of the PhD programme

Courses credits
General initial courses, Faculty of Humanities 5 credits
Participation in an international Conference 4-9 credits
Dissemination/ outreach min. 2 credits
Thesis seminars 4-8 credits
Midway assessment 0 credits
Elective research training courses 8-12 credits
Courses in general skills/generic courses 0 credits
Educational component in total 30 credits (ECTS)

All educational activity that you want to have registered as part of your study plan, must be approved by the ph.d.leader. Unless otherwise stated, one credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work. Before attending courses, conferences or similar as part of your educational component, you should confer with your adviser and apply for pre-approval. Se ‘approval of educational activity’ at the end of the page.

Educational Components

  • Participation in an international conference: In order to get credits for participating in an international conference, you need to have a presentation of a lecture/abstract, or similar (such as a poster or paper). Normally, a poster presentation or a paper and lecture will amount to 2 credits.
  • Dissemination/outreach: By dissemination, or outreach, the idea is to reach the general public. The educational component dissemination/outreach involves courses in communication of research, articles, interviews, publications in newspapers, performances, etc. An interview will account for 1-2 credits, depending on the length of the interview.
  • Thesis seminar: The department of Musicology organises its own thesis seminars. Presenting at a thesis seminar gives 2 credits, and commenting on someone else's work account for 2 credits. It is compulsory to do at least one presentation and one commentary during the course of your degree. Attendance does not give any credits in itself.
  • Elective research training courses: These courses may be taken at national or international research schools, other institutions, through one time activities/seminars, or, (if approved by the ph.d.leader, specialised masters courses in other subjects. Credits are appointed according to length and intensity.

Approval of educational activity

Planned participation in external courses and seminars must be sent in for pre-approval by the ph.d.leader. If you want to apply for funding, for example to attend a conference or take a course at another institution, you may do so through the same form.

Apply for approval

Courses and other activities will be registered as soon as these have been completed and the documentation has been sent to the phd-coordinator. You can follow your own progression through My studies.


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