Instruction for disputation moderator (PhD)

The disputation moderator is responsible for advising the candidate and the committee regarding the procedures in connection with a trial lecture and disputation. It might be desirable to deviate from the general procedures in some cases. The disputation moderator can decide in each individual case.

Prior to the disputation

The disputation moderator meets with the candidate and the committee 15 to 20 minutes prior to the start of the disputation, or for lunch if the disputation starts at 13:15. The disputation moderator provides information regarding the procedures and sets the time frame for the presentations in consultation with the candidate and the opponents.

The disputation moderator should enquire wether the candidate has knowledge of any opponents ex auditorio and if the candidate wishes to give an acceptance speech when the second opponent has concluded his or her input.

During the disputation

The disputation moderator starts the disputation by giving a brief introduction of the candidate and the thesis before the candidate starts his or her disputation from the podium.

When the candidate has concluded the introduction, the disputation moderator introduces the first opponent.

When the first opponent has concluded his or her opposition, the disputation moderator, standing at his or her place, announces a break in the proceedings.

Following the break, the disputation moderator announces that any opponents ex. auditorio may register. They will then be allowed to talk following the second opponent.

The disputation moderator then introduces the second opponent.

If the candidate wants to extend thanks, she or he will do so directly following the second opponents conclusion of the opposition. The disputation moderator concludes the disputation.

The disputation moderator should intervene if:

  • the opponents exceed the timeframe by more than ten minutes (five minutes for ex auditorio opponents)
  • the opponents do not allow the candidate to speak
  • the use of language clearly exceeds normal custom
  • the audience disturbs the disputation

Procedures for disputation (PhD)

After the disputation

In the normal course of events, the disputation moderator will be the first person to congratulate the candidate.

The report from the trial lecture and disputation

The disputation moderator must ensure the committee members sign the necessary documents before they leave. The report from the trial lecture and the disputation must be delivered to the faculty secretariat as quickly as possible. A separate page giving the name and position of the ex auditorio opponents must be enclosed with the report.

Social arrangements

If the disputation starts at 13:15, it might be appropriate for the candidate, the committee and the moderator to meet for lunch at 12:00 noon. If the disputation starts at 09:15 it might be appropriate to meet for lunch just after the disputation is concluded.

If there is a doctorate dinner, it is normal for the disputation moderator to give a speech.


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