Fees and Travel Expenses

In order to ensure that your fee and travel expenses are reimbursed, your contract, as well as the travel and subsistence claim form must be completed and returned to the department as soon as possible. 


In order to ensure that fees are reimbursed as quickly as possible, please fill out the account information form (called payment abroad) that was sent to you together with the electronic version of the thesis. When the account information form has been returned the Faculty will make your contracts and send them to you as soon as possible. Payments will be disbursed to members of the adjudication committee as soon as possible after the defence.

Travel Expenses

In order to ensure that your travel expenses are reimbursed as quickly as possible, the travel and subsistence claim form must be completed and returned. Please fill in as many spaces as possible in the top section and sign the bottom section on page 1. Please attach the following items to the form:

  • Receipts for airline tickets (i.e. printouts of e-tickets)
  • Boarding cards
  • All receipts for travel in connection with the defence (i.e. bus, taxi)

Please make sure that the the date and time, as well as the costs, are easily deductable from each travel receipt. Members of the adjudication committee are entitled to be reimbursed for subsistence expenses in accordance with current rates and regulations. The subsistence amount payable will be entered on the travel claim form by the department’s research coordinator.

Committee members who are planning to use a private vehicle can have their expenses covered on a mileage rate if the department has been notified about this prior to the journey.

Booking - Airline Tickets

If you wish, the administrative staff at the department will book the tickets for your flights. In this case, please send detailed information regarding your preferred flight schedule to the committee administrator and the department’s research coordinator.

General Information

Reimbursement of fees and travel expenses cannot be paid in cash or while committee members are still in Oslo.

Amounts claimed for travel and subsistence are payable only to the member of the adjudication committee – not to his or her spouse.

Please send the completed and signed contract and travel and subsistence claim form and tickets/receipts form to the department in the envelope attached to the letter of appointment.

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Published June 28, 2015 7:50 PM - Last modified Apr. 11, 2017 2:34 PM