Guidelines on writing an errata list

It is not possible to make any significant changes to doctoral dissertations before they go to print. You can make technical changes, for example you  can correct spelling mistakes. You document the changes in a list of errors and send it to the Faculty.

The limits on what you are allowed to change is set because the thesis that is printed before the disputation must be the same as the thesis the committee has approved as worthy of defence for a PhD. The fact that it must be “the same thesis” means that you cannot make corrections that change the meaning or content of the thesis.

The only changes that candidates are allowed to make are of a “technical” nature, such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, mistakes in quotes, and inadequate references or errors in references. Candidates are also allowed to create indexes that are added at the end of the thesis. The errata list should be written in the same language as the thesis.

The errata list showing the changes that have been made must be presented to the Faculty at the latest four weeks before the disputation. The errata list is emailed to Faculty’s executive officer.

Errata list example:

Errata list

Doctoral candidate: Bjørn Hansen

Titel of thesis: Fellinis male charchters in 8 1/2 and La Dolce Vita – from a feminist perspective

Abbreviations for different types of corrections:
– correction of language
Cpltf – change of page layout or text format

Page/Line/Footnote Original text (type of correction) Corrected text
vi / 8 / “… Marcello Pastorianni personafies an archaic masculine idea …” (Cor) “… Marcello Mastroianni personifies an archaic masculine ideal…”
22 / / 16 ”8 ½ HAS BEEN HALED AS THE FIRST TRUELY SUCCESSFULL ATTEMPT at transferring the legacy of pirandello to the movie screen.” (Cpltf/Kor) “8 ½ has been haled as the first truly successfull attempt at transferring the legacy of Pirandello to the movie screen.”


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