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Printing of the thesis before the public defense

Layout of thesis


Theses measure 17 x 24 cm. This is equivalent to approximately 81% of an A4 sheet (29.7 x 21 cm).

07 Media will handle the formatting, and you can therefore send them your dissertation in A4 format.


Use styles in Word in order to ensure that your thesis has a uniform layout.

The styles can be defined as follows:

Body: 12 point – Times New Roman

Heading 1: 19 point
Heading 2: 14 point, bold
Heading 3: 12 point, bold
Heading 4: 12 point, bold, italics
Heading 5: 12 point, italics

Line spacing

The faculty recommends line spacing of 1.5.


Binding takes up 2-3 mm of the margin space, depending on the thickness of the thesis. If you want the left and right margins to be equal, you will therefore need to make the left margin wider in order to allow for this.

Margin adapted to the format 17 x 24:
Top margin – 2 cm, bottom margin – 2 cm, right margin – 2 cm, left margin – 2.3 cm

Paging/page numbers

In books, odd numbers are placed on the right hand pages and even numbers are on the left.


Title page

Right page


Colophon page

Left page


Dedications, quotes and mottos, where used

Right page, blank page behind


Table of contents

Right page, plus the following left page


Preface and introduction, where used

Starts on right page, remember blank page behind if the section ends on the right page


The actual text

Starts on right page


Index, bibliography

Continuous, blank page behind if the section ends on the right page


Attachments, where used

Starts on right page


The printed version of your thesis must be publicly available before the doctoral examination. If you so wish, you can also make the thesis available digitally through DUO Research Archive

Contacts at 07 Media

Technical questions:

Questions concerning prices and invoicing:

Submission deadline

The faculty must be in receipt of your printed thesis at least two weeks before the public defence.

  • A minimum of 37 copies of the thesis must be printed
    (10 copies for yourself, 10 for the department, 10 for the faculty secretariat and 7 for the National Library of Norway)

The department covers the printing costs of the 37 copies. You get 10 copies, but can order more from the printer if you want. However, you must pay for these extra copies yourself.

Of the 10 copies that go to the faculty secretariat, 2 are filed in the archives, 1 is given to the chair of the defence, 1 to the University Library, 3 to the committee’s members and 3 to the dean’s office.

The printed copies of the thesis are delivered to the faculty and the department. You collect your copies at the department.

Please contact 07 Media to arrange printing of the manuscript no later than 6 weeks before the printed thesis needs to be ready.

The normal processing time by 07 Media is 5 working days from receipt of the manuscript until the thesis is delivered to the faculty and department.


Your opportunities for making changes to the thesis before printing are limited since the thesis must be the same as it was at the time of submission. You cannot, therefore, change the meaning of the text; only changes of a technical nature, such as typographic errors, missing punctuation and missing or superfluous references are permitted.

If you want to make such changes, you must submit a list of errata of the relevant changes (indicating the page numbers) to the faculty no later than four weeks before the public defence. The errata list is emailed to the Faculty Officer four weeks before the public defence. Note that you should retain the same page numbers from the submitted thesis in order to avoid confusion in the page number references during the disputation.

Guidelines for writing an errata list

Colour illustrations

If the thesis contains more than 40 pages of colour illustrations, you must apply to the department for financial support to print the colour pages well before the manuscript is sent to the printer (you do not need to apply if the thesis has 40 pages or fewer of colour illustrations).

Write an application of no more than half a page, giving justification for the use of colour illustrations. The application should be sent as an e-mail attachment to the department's Research Consultant.


Any attachments you may have to the printed thesis, such as CDs/DVDs, must be glued into the actual thesis. You will have to do this yourself. Please contact the department and faculty in order to ensure this is done before the thesis is distributed.

Requisition form

You need to complete a requisition form and send it to the Research Consultant at your department.

Save the form (in Norwegian) as a Word document and complete the table with the heading "Fylles ut av doktoranden" (“To be completed by the doctoral candidate.”)

If you would like extra copies of your thesis in addition to the 10 you are entitled to, insert the desired number in the field “Extra copies for the doctoral candidate”.

An invoice for these extra copies will be sent to your home address. For such orders, you will only pay for the pages printed; the faculty has already covered the printer’s overheads for the receipt of orders, initial costs per series and delivery.

When the form is completed, send it as an e-mail attachment (Word file) to the Research Consultant at your department.

The Research Consultant will complete the form on behalf of the department, check your order and obtain the Head of Department’s signature.

The Research Consultant will then scan the document, convert it to a PDF file and return it to you by e-mail.

Ordering printing

The thesis must be sent as a PDF file to 07 Media. See guide on how to make a PDF-file.

Send the thesis and completed requisition form, both as PDF files, in an e-mail to Lisbeth Skjefstad (e-mail) with copy to and to your department's PhD officer.

Once you have received the order confirmation, send it to the department’s requester/buyer for registration in the ordering system. Once the printed theses have been received, report this to the requester/buyer so that the order can be registered as received.

Technical assistance

07 Media can provide the Faculty of Humanities’ doctoral candidates with technical assistance at a rate of NOK 700 per hour in consulting fees.

This expense is NOT covered by the faculty. The consulting fee must therefore be paid from your own funds (allocated resources or private funds).