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Submitting the thesis

You must submit 

This must be submitted to HF's sub-archive (2nd floor, Niels Treschows hus, Blindern) or sent to the Faculty of Humanities, PO.Box 1079 Blindern, NO-0316 Oslo, Norway.

You must also

Send the thesis as a PDF file to: (e-mail)

with a copy to the Faculty Officer, Silje Mosgren, (e-mail)
Send the Norwegian and English abstracts (as a Word document) by e-mail to your department's Research Consultant.

Documentation of organized research training

You must complete the documentation form (rtf, in Norwegian), listing all of the courses and seminars you have attended throughout your PhD education.

The form must be signed by the PhD coordinator, who thereby confirms completion of the educational component of the PhD programme.

Co-author declaration

If your thesis is article-based, do one or more of your articles have co-authors?

If so, you must document the extent of the co-authorship in each article by submitting co-author declarations.

Both you and your co-authors must sign the co-author declaration (odt).

Abstract in Norwegian and English

You must submit an abstract of the thesis in Norwegian and English, and in the language of the thesis if it is in another language.

Abstracts should not be more than 2000 characters, including spaces.

The abstract must present the conclusions you reached in your thesis.

It may be a good idea to start by presenting your research questions and the material you have studied, but try to keep the focus on your results, as opposed to writing a new project description.

The department uses the abstract (in Norwegian or English) to present your thesis in its proposal for an adjudication committee.

If the thesis is approved for public defence, the scientific abstract will also be archived in Cristin. The abstract will be archived in the language in which the thesis was written.


Do not submit a thesis that has not been checked for technical or linguistic errors. Check the references. It is a good idea to use an electronic spellchecker to weed out any linguistic errors.

Even though the thesis will primarily be assessed based on its academic merits, a thesis with linguistic or technical errors may irritate the adjudication committee, which may lead to the thesis not being approved for public defence.

Paying to have the thesis proofread may be a good investment. Feel free to set aside allocated funds to cover this expense. You can also contact your department to enquire whether it has funds to cover proofreading.

Application for a completion grant

If you are employed as a research fellow at HF, completing the programme within the nominal period of study, you may apply for a completion grant by:

sending an e-mail to your department's Research Consultant – six months prior to submission sign up for basic educational training for university lecturers

The department's Head of Research is responsible for drawing up your agreement for the completion grant period.

The department must notify the Personnel Officer two weeks before the deadline for submission, and forward

a) your completion grant agreement for approval
b) the supervisor's written recommendation

The supervisor's recommendation must state whether he/she has read the final thesis manuscript and deems it to be ready for assessment.

Inform the Research Consultant

Two months before submission you must notify the department's Research Consultant of your intention to submit, so that he/she can begin the work of appointing an adjudication committee.

This will reduce the waiting period between submission of the thesis and presentation of the adjudication committee's recommendation.


You must follow the same procedure for submission as the first time.

However, tick the box for resubmission on the "Application for assessment of the thesis" form.

If you have submitted the thesis to a different educational institution in the past, you must state the name of the institution.

Submitting a revised thesis?

If you have been granted permission to submit a revised version of the thesis within a six-month deadline, you must follow the same procedure for submission as the first time, but you should not submit a new application or documentation form.

Instead, you must send a cover letter to the adjudication committee marked "Submission of revised thesis", where you provide a brief account of the changes made.