ScanGuilt Workshops and Conferences


April 29 - May 3

SASS conference, Puerto Rico (postponed until 2022 due to Covid-19)

Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Thomas Rasmussen, Ellen Rees, and Ingeborg Helleberg present papers on minority discourses in Scandinavia.



SASS conference, Madison, Wisconsin

Elisabeth Oxfeldt and Thomas Rasmussen present ScanGuilt-related papers based on their research.



Nov. 1-2

Affects of Diversity in Nordic Literature (DINO) conference hosted by ScanGuilt at the University of Oslo.


August 7-10

IASS conference, Copenhagen.

Lill-Ann Körber is keynote speaker; Julianne Yang presents "ScanGuilt" paper based on her research.


May 3-5

SASS conference, Los Angeles.

Lill-Ann Körber, Kristina Leganger Iversen, Elisabeth Oxfeldt present "ScanGuilt" papers based on their research.



September 27-29

IARTEM conference, Lisbon.

Ylva Frøjd presents "ScanGuilt" paper based on her research.


September 27-29

ATdS, Kiel.

Lill-Ann Körber, Kristian Lødemel Sandberg, and Elisabeth Oxfeldt present papers and lead workshop (Arbeitskreis) titled "Privilegien und Prekarität".


May 11-13

SASS Conference, Minneapolis.

Kristina Leganger Iversen, Kristian Lødemel Sandberg, and Elisabeth Oxfeldt present papers.




November 22-24

ScanGuilt Film and TV Workshop, Holmen Fjordhotell.

Participants from Denmark, Norway and Sweden: Jørgen Bruhn, Lene Bull Christiansen, Margareta Dancus, Anne Gjelsvik, Lill-Ann Körber, Anders Marklund, Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Camilla Møhring Reestorf, Ove Solum, Julianne Yang.


October 6-7

DINO Conference, University of Turku

Kristian Lødemel Sandberg, Kristina Leganger Iversen and Elisabeth Oxfeldt present papers.


August 22-26

ECER Conference, Dublin

Ylva Frøjd presents paper on ScanGuilt topic.


August 9-13

IASS Conference, Groningen

Elisabeth Oxfeldt presents paper on ScanGuilt topic. 


April 28-30

SASS Conference, New Orleans

Margareta Dancus, Christian Gullette, Kristina Leganger Iversen, Lill-Ann Körber, Andrew Nestingen, Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Ove Solum and Julianne Yang present papers on ScanGuilt related topics.


April 23-26

ScanGuilt Workshop at the University of Washington, Seattle

The purpose of this workshop is for the core group members within the international ScanGuilt group (financed by the Research Council of Norway) to respond on each others' article drafts in preparation for our publication of an English-language anthology.


March 17-20

ACLA Annual Meeting, Harvard University

Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Ellen Rees and Julianne Yang present papers on ScanGuilt topics.




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