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Traveling Texts: Translation and Transnational Reception

This interdisciplinary thematic area studies how ideas, values, genres, literary and rhetoric forms travel over cultural and linguistic borders in translation.

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About the thematic area

In the thematic area Traveling Texts we are interested in how translation changes cultural products, in how it negotiates ideological and aesthetic values.

We wish to further the understanding of the domestic and foreign, of how foreign texts and ideas change in translation, and of how the domestic arena (culture, literature, etc.) changes when foreign elements are imported; such studies may also further our understanding of national self-images and of how specific national cultures relate to the foreign.

As part of Traveling Texts we will explore relevant texts and focus on translational and transnational change and exchange. It is our belief that society’s understanding of transnational and transhistorical cultural interaction is enhanced when we learn more about how translation has been carried out in diverse sociocultural and historic contexts.

Who we are

This thematic area brings together scholars from different disciplines and departments Arabic, German, Spanish,  Turkish,  Ancient Greek,  Polish, Latin, English, French,  Nordic literature,  Comparative literature, Ibsen Studies, Translation Studies.


The backbone of Traveling Texts will be a series of small-scale conferences/workshops (presented below). In addition we arrange monthly seminars in English and Norwegian at the University of Oslo in collaboration with "Seminar for oversettelse". 


Tags: Translation, Reception, Multilingualism, Translation Studies, Translation Theory, Ibsen, Drama, Crime Fiction, World literature
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