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Building bridges between philosophy and science

The Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences is an interdisciplinary meeting place for the interaction between the humanities and the sciences.

Modern science bears on areas traditionally occupied by the humanities. The humanities can learn from the sciences. But the sciences also need the reflective understanding that philosophy can provide. At the Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences, you can find innovative opportunities for study and research that facilitate this two-way flow of ideas.


Our research lies at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences. We specifically focus on topics regarding mathematics, life, and language.


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We delve into topics in the cross-section between philosophy and mathematics. Topics within our scope include the structure of logic and mathematics, and the application of mathematical tools in other disciplines, such as physics, neuroscience, economics or linguistics and psychology.


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We investigate topics that connect the humanities and the life sciences. These include the structure of biological processes, and how they are related to the individual mind, as well as how they relate to human groups. They also concern the role of science in society.


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We address central topics at the interface between linguistics, psychology, and philosophy. These topics include linguistic and cognitive development, foundational issues about communication, and what the study of language may reveal about the human mind.


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Philosophy and the Sciences offers students the resources to reflect on fundamental questions.

Whether you specialise in philosophy, in another area of the humanities, or in the social and natural sciences, within philosophy and science you will find programs and courses that can help you reach a deeper understanding of your field.


The Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS) at the University of Oslo invites applications for Visiting Scholars 2022/2023 for a period of 1 − 4 months. The visiting scholarships come with a stipend of NOK 25 000 per month for up to 4 months to support travel and accommodation costs during the course of the fellowship.

The application deadline is April 18, 2022. 


The Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences is a collaboration between the following units at UiO:

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Gry Oftedal

Head of Centre

Senior Lecturer of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas.

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