CPS Lunch Forum: Paula Rubio-Fernández

Paula Rubio-Fernández (IFIKK, UiO) presents at the CPS Lunch Forum.


The seminar is open. Send an e-mail to gry.oftedal(at)fikk.uio.no and receive the zoom-link.

Paula Rubio-Fernández (IFIKK/CPS, UiO) presents 

"Perspective taking in newly-sighted children: Do they orient towards an interlocutor’s face?"

The seminar is open. Send us a message, and you will receive the zoom-link.

Both children and adults follow gaze to disambiguate reference. In a study with Prakash children (newly sighted children treated from congenital cataracts), we investigated perspective taking in referential communication, starting with their orientation towards people’s faces after bandages are removed post-surgery (Experiment 1), also during an interactive game with a peer (Experiment 2), and in a standard referential communication task that required following an experimenter’s head/gaze to disambiguate her instructions (Experiment 3). In all three experiments, Prakash children made fewer fixations on their interlocutor’s face than their neurotypical controls. Interestingly, directly asking children to focus on the experimenter’s face improved their gaze following, but this behavior needed to be prompted. The results of our first study on the pragmatic abilities of Prakash children suggest that after years of visual deprivation, orienting towards an interlocutor’s face may not come naturally, contrary to what the infancy and early childhood literatures show. The implications of these findings for pragmatic theories of communication will be discussed, in particular the informational efficiency and perceived relevance of communicative signals.

Published Oct. 1, 2020 5:33 PM - Last modified Oct. 18, 2020 10:06 PM