Discover the space where science meets philosophy at Forskningstorget

We explore the field between philosophy and the sciences with rubber hands and games with Moebius strips at Forskningstorget science fair.

Illustration of people at the science fair Forskningstorget

Take a journey into the wonderland between philosophy and science. Find out about the Moebius strip that connects back and front and where you can walk on a straight line and come back to where you came from. Make Moebius strips yourself, and discover the odd things that happen when you cut them and glue them together.

And feel how a rubber hand seems to become yours. Does it feel as real as the other parts of your body? What does is it feel like to be you? And what would it feel like to be an octopus or a bat? Can science find out?

Most of the event will take place in Norwegian, but we are happy to welcome also English speaking visitors.


About "Forskningstorget"

Forskningstorget is a science fair in the middle of Oslo and a part of the national Science Days, where hundreds of events take place all over the country between September 18-29. The science fair is free for everyone, requires no registration, and has something for inquisitive minds of all ages. The science fair expects about 10000-15000 visitors.

Published July 15, 2019 2:57 PM - Last modified July 15, 2019 2:57 PM