WEBINAR: First CPS Covid-19 Crisis Seminar

We are in the midst of a world-wide crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic affects us, our societies, and the world in many different ways. As we move forward, we need the clear-headed integration of a variety of perspectives. This Seminar is our small contribution and starting point.

Ordsky der CORONA-19 står med store bokstaver. Andre ord er for eksempel illness, disease og coronavirus. Illustrasjon.

We are in the midst of a world-wide crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic affects us, our societies, and the world in many different ways.

The crisis intertwines – with extreme complexity – issues that range from, of course, epidemiology and virology, to ethics, health care allocation, economics, science communication, the use of expertise in policy making, legal issues of various kinds, and many more: how, if at all. to make scientifically based policy (in a case like this)?

How are different values to be balanced? How to make (political) decisions under (extremely) high uncertainty? How do facts and values interact? What legal and economic measures mechanisms are appropriate? How can scientists of various stripes cooperate to solve such pressing issues?

In a situation that is constantly evolving there are – at each time – many pressing issues that need to be solved right here and now, both within our local communities and in our countries. And much of what we each contribute and have to deal with falls outside the academic domain. Yet, as we move forward, there will also be a need for clear-headed and forward-looking thinking about all the relevant issues, and for exchange and integration of different perspectives. We at the Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS) in Oslo thus have put together a 2 hour long, “Covid-19 Crisis Seminar”, to be held on Zoom, to which we have invited academics from a variety of disciplines, from epidemiology, statistics, law, evolutionary biology, to ethics, and democratic theory. If the seminar goes well it could be the start of a series of events like it where we continue to together think about issues about science, society and values, as they arise in our present context.

The Seminar will take place on Zoom this Wednesday, April 15th, from 16:15-18:00 (CEST). The speakers and panel discussants are (some confirmation regarding the date missing from some)

A brief introduction will be provided by Sebastian Watzl (philosophy). He will also moderate the discussion. For the first hour all speakers will provide a 5-7 min perspective. The second hour will feature a panel discussion.

We know that this is very short notice (much shorter than usual for an academic event). But given the dynamics of the situation, we thought we should get started quickly.

 We would like to run this like an open academic workshop. Others than the speaker are welcome to join and listen, and there will also be time for questions from audience. Due to the technical and security limitations of Zoom, we ask everyone who would like join to send an email to sebaswat [at sign] ifikk.uio.no. An email with the Zoom link will then be send out to everyone who signed up by Wednesday at 15:00. Participants other than the speakers won’t be able to use video or audio, but will be able to listen and watch the discussion and will be able ask questions through Zoom’s the chat function.

Published Apr. 13, 2020 3:06 PM - Last modified Apr. 15, 2020 12:04 PM