Collaboration with Science Study Colloquium Series

Very happy to be working together with the Science Study Colloquium Series, who have been doing a fantastic job since 1979 (!) organizing events around the philosophical, historical, sociological and ethical issues in science.

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CPS is excited to be collaborating with The Science Studies Colloquium Series. This colloquium series has been around and an official institution at the University of Oslo since 1979.  It is is committed to dissipation of all kinds of "research on research", including science policy, disciplinary and professional ethics, methodology, epistemology, history of science, philosophy of science, and sociology of science. CPS member Professor Cathrine Holst is currently head of their board (also check out her new CAS project!),

We will be announcing their fantastic series of talks in our Events feed (check out the amazing line up for this fall).

Published Aug. 16, 2019 11:00 AM