New head for Center for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS)

Gry Oftedal, senior lecturer at IFIKK, UiO, takes over as leader for Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS), from August 2021.

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Oftedal has taken part in the development of the centre from the start and is now looking forward to engage with the full spectrum of work at the centre in her new role.

In her research, Oftedal is working with philosophy of science, particularly philosophy of the life sciences, and has participated in and headed several interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in molecular biology, soft material science, nano-medicine, and nanotechnology.

“The centre participants have already achieved a lot when it comes to developing new ideas, research and project collaborations. In addition to supporting the continuation of this work, I would like for the centre to become more established and visible as an interdisciplinary hub, nationally and internationally. There is so much potential for this type of research to play a societally significant role, and I hope to contribute to building a stronger foundation for increased interdisciplinarity, visibility and engagement with society”, says the new centre leader.

Oftedal takes over from Associate Professor Sebastian Watzl who will continue being part of CPS, now focusing on research and research leadership in several projects, one being his new ERC project on “Good Attention”.


Published Sep. 9, 2021 2:58 PM - Last modified Sep. 9, 2021 3:05 PM