New hires at CPS

CPS warmly welcomes Salvatore Florio and Anders Strand to the team.

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Anders Strand

Anders Strand has been strongly involved with CPS from the very start, and joined us more formally as Associate Professor II in November 2020. In addition, Strand is senior advisor for the Regional Ethics Committees (REK), working on pre-approval of medical research. Previously, he has worked as post doc and researcher at IFIKK, University of Oslo. Anders Strand's research interests are in philosophy of science, where he has focused on explanation, causation and the interplay between research methods, ethics and law/regulations. In addition, he has published papers on group responsibility, mental causation and nanotechnology in medicine.

Salvatore Florio

Florio is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham and now joins CPS as Professor II. He specializes in philosophy of language, logic, and philosophy of mathematics.  His published work focuses on questions about the nature of logic and the foundations of semantics. His most recent publication is The Many and the One: A Philosophical Study of Plural Logic (Oxford University Press 2021), a monograph on the logic and meaning of plurals co-authored with Øystein Linnebo. Since 2019 Salvatore serves as an editor of The Review of Symbolic Logic. He is currently working on foundational issues in knowledge representation and on topics at the intersection of philosophy and computer science.

Published Sep. 7, 2021 1:24 PM - Last modified Sep. 8, 2021 12:25 PM