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Digital heritage

We will investigate how digitisation and advances in virtual reality and social media affect the circulation of heritage.

This includes problem-solving approaches to current challenges in the use of digital tools within the heritage sector, new ethical issues, and new ways of interacting with the public. Heritage production and reproduction are now ‘taking place’ in social media and film and photosharing platforms that are complicating the circulation of the past in the present.

Digitalisation in archaeological and museum practices are developing rapidly, and our approach to this field is two-fold:

We will employ a historical perspective to understand this major technological shift, building on our broad knowledge of technology changes in the past and other contexts.

Furthermore, we will contribute to developing ways for the public to participate in archives, museums, and archaeological fieldwork, and new ways for heritage professionals to respond to the public.


Published Jan. 2, 2019 9:33 AM - Last modified Feb. 26, 2020 2:54 PM