Literature, Cognition and Emotions (LCE)

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How literature shapes thought and feelings

Literature, Cognition and Emotions (LCE) is an interdisciplinary hub that brings together literary studies, linguistics, psychology and neurosciences in a new conversation about literature.



LCE organises a reading group, annual lectures, talks and workshops.

Forskningsdagene 2020: Talk with Gunnhild Øyehaug


  1. Emotions across cultures and languages

  2. Cultural and cognitive memory
  3. Literature as a lifeworld technology


LCE offers an interdisciplinary course thread for BA students at the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Psychology as well as a repository of digital teaching material. For MA students, we offer a series of courses, stipends and supervision.


Our network of associated research groups and centres stretches from Europe to the US and Australia. We work together with groups in empirical approaches to literature, cognitive literary study, memory studies and digital humanities.


LCE is a collaboration between the following departments at the University of Oslo:




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Karin Kukkonen, Professor, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages

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