CANCELLED! Workshop: Intuitions on the Embodied Mind: Second-Generation Approaches

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Intuitions on the Embodied Mind: Second-Generation Approaches

Why do we choose a particular theoretical model? Why do we feel attracted to notions such as "embodiment", "self-reflexivity" and "probability"? This workshop investigates scholarly intuitions around the embodied mind.

Second-generation approaches to cognitive literary studies and cognitive narratology have revolved around the so-called 4 E's: They consider literary texts to be Embodied, Embedded (in social and cultural contexts), Extended (into material environments and technologies) and Enactive. This workshop will start an exploration into the scholarly intuitions behind choosing one of these terms, as a focus of enquiry, over the others. We will discuss latest developments in second-generation approaches, but also reflect on our practice as literary scholars working between different disciplines.


Papers by Lars Bernaerts, Marco Caracciolo, Karin Kukkonen and Merja Polvinen.

Round-table with Camilla Chams, Alexandra Effe, Olivia Fialho, Natalia Igl and Yasemin Hacioglu


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Published Jan. 27, 2020 5:22 PM - Last modified Mar. 13, 2020 7:01 AM