Fiction and Cognition. A multidisciplinary approach (neuroscience, history, literary theory).

Guest lecture by Noëlle Batt (Paris VIII).

Professor emeritus Noëlle Batt.

After defining the concept « fiction » in relation to other concepts and notions (« interpretation », « imagination », « invention », « representation », « cogitatio »… ; « image », « aspect », « thought experiment », « phantasma »…), we shall study the way it is used in different disciplines by different authors : neuroscience (Lionel Naccache, Marc Jeannerod), history (Patrick Boucheron, Carlo Ginzburg), literary theory (Gérard Genette, Jean-Marie Schaeffer).

Noëlle Batt is Professor emeritus of American literature and literary theory at the University Paris VIII-Vincennes. She directed for 20 years a research program on « Literature and Cognition » and was the director of the Journal TLE (Théorie, Littérature, Epistémologie) published by the University Press of Paris VIII (Presses Universitaires de Vincennes (PUV).

Noëlle Batt is also a member of the seminar « Literature and the Mind » (University of California at Santa Barbara) and of SLSA (Society for literature, science and the arts).

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