Lecture with Johanna Kaakinen on emotions, physical movement and literature

In a lecture entitled “Emotional engagement with literary stories: Evidence from motion capture recordings and eye movements”, Johanna Kaakinen speaks on the interaction between feelings and understanding in literary reading

Picture of Johanna Kaakinen

Photo: Ylva Østby

Literary texts, such as erotica or horror stories, are written with the purpose of inducing emotional reactions in readers (Mar, Oatley, Djikic & Mullin, 2011). However, very little is known about how the emotional engagement induced by text content influence the processing of text (but see Ballenghein, Megalakaki & Baccino, 2019; Wallentin, et al., 2011). In a series of recent laboratory studies, Johanna Kaakinen have examined how readers interact with erotica and horror stories by utilizing a combination of motion capture and eye movement recordings. She will present the results of these studies and discuss how they advance our understanding of the role of emotions in text comprehension (Kintsch, 1998).

Johanna K. Kaakinen is senior research fellow at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies & Department of Psychology in Finland. She investigates the role of emotions in text comprehension by the use of eye tracking. Find out more about her research here (external link)

Published Aug. 21, 2019 10:54 AM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2019 9:23 AM