Triple Book Launch: New Embodied Approaches to Narrative

LCE arranges a collective book launch to present and discuss three recent publications, all of which contribute new cognitive perspectives on literary narratives rooted in the body.

The book covers for Polvinen's 'Self-Reflective Fiction and 4E Cognition', Bernini's 'Beckett and the Cognitive Method', and Caracciolo and Kukkonen's 'With Bodies'.

Photos, left to right: Routledge, Oxford University Press, The Ohio State University Press.

As the year is slowly coming to an end, LCE sets forth to take stock of new and upcoming contributions to the field of cognitive literary theory. In this collective book launch, three recent works will be presented by their authors in conversation, in order to spark a more general discussion of current trends in the field of cognitive literary studies.

Books to be launched

Merja Polvinen's Self-Reflective Fiction and 4E Cognition. An Enactive Approach to Literary Artifice (2022) 

In this coming work, Polvinen proposes that stressing of literary artifice – in both traditional metafictional works and in speculative fiction – rather than distancing readers from an immersive reading experience, encourages them to engage with fictional narratives.

The book is available for pre-order from Routledge. [External link]

Marco Bernini's Beckett and the Cognitive Method. Mind, Models, and Exploratory Narratives (2022)

In this publication, Bernini argues that the narrative works of Samuel Beckett not merely represent cognitive processes, but that they themselves can be understood as models constructed to explore the mind – and proposes that literature should be considered an addition to the scientific study of the mind.

The book is available from Oxford University Press. [External link]

Marco Caracciolo & Karin Kukkonen's With Bodies. Narrative Theory and Embodied Cognition (2021)

In this work, Caracciolo and Kukkonen craft a theory of embodied narratology, drawing on a wide corpus of narrative material that stretches from antiquity to the present. It provides a model for analysing authors, narrators and storyworlds through embodied, embedded, extended and enactive perspectives in a comprehensive investigation of what it means to engage bodily with literary narratives.

The book is available from The Ohio State University Press. [External link]

  • The conversation will be moderated by Emily Troscianko. 


The launch will involve an interactive element—but no preparation is required; simply turn up ready for some conversation! The event will include 1) the authors in conversation with our moderator and 2) structured discussion between the audience and the authors in small groups, before we open out into the informal part of the evening.


  • Merja Polvinen is Senior Lecturer in English Philology at The University of Helsinki
  • Marco Bernini is Associate Professor in Cognitive Literary Studies at Durham University
  • Marco Caracciolo is Associate Professor of English and Literary Theory at the University of Ghent 
  • Karin Kukkonen is Professor in Comparative literature and the convener of LCE at the University of Oslo
  • Emily Troscianko is Research Associate at TORCH – The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities at the University of Oxford 

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