Academic Writing Demystified – LCE Writing Workshop

A notebook and a text book lying open on a desk.

Photo: Aaron Burden / Unsplash

This workshop aims to demystify an essential part of academic study and research: the writing process. The final products of academic writing are apparent in the form of academic papers, books and articles, but the complex processes behind them tend to remain hidden from view. We will discuss different approaches to academic writing, as well as specific techniques that can help make the academic writing process easier and more enjoyable.

The workshop will be led by Julie Hansen, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages at the Department of Modern Languages, Uppsala University, and Alexandra Effe, Postdoctoral Fellow at ILOS, UiO. We will also hear from a recent M.A. graduate and engage in concrete writing activities, so bring pen and paper, or a computer, and thoughts about a project you are currently working on.

The workshop will be particularly helpful for M.A. students working on a thesis related to literature.


Follow the below link to nettskjema to register. Registration is open until 22 November 2022.

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Published Aug. 10, 2022 11:37 AM - Last modified Oct. 3, 2022 12:59 PM