Podcast: Kama Muta or The Feeling of Being Moved

Listen to Professor Beate Seibt talk about the feeling of ‘being moved’ and its relation to literature in the third episode of the Literature, Cognition and Emotions Podcast.

Two women talking to each other and recording a podcast.

Both reading literature and watching cat videos on social media can evoke feelings of being moved, Seibt’s research suggests. From left: Beate Seibt, Karin Kukkonen. Photo: Vera Syrovatskaya.

We often express the feeling of ‘being moved’ in everyday language ­– but what does it mean? Beate Seibt, Professor in Social Psychology at The University of Oslo, has developed a scientific framework for the study of ‘kama muta’ or, the experience of being moved. In a conversation with Karin Kukkonen, she discusses how kama muta relates to both literature and our everyday lives. Can social media make us feel closer to others, and are we really ‘moved’ by cat videos? Why does reading fiction evoke such strong emotions?

Listen to “Kama Muta or the Feeling of Being Moved”:

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The reading recommendation from Beate Seibt:

Published Feb. 4, 2021 10:17 AM - Last modified Mar. 22, 2021 1:31 PM