LCE Annual Lecture 2022: Stefan Collini

Stefan Collini: "Beauty and the footnote: the place of 'literature' as an academic discipline" – A report from the recent LCE Annual Lecture 2022 and its connected events. 

A collage of photos from the Annual lecture and Panel discussion, including the LCE logo, a portrait of Stefan Collini and the other panel members.

Photos: Bottom left – Sarah Bro Trasmundi, other pictures – Ylva Østby.

On 21 September 2022, Stefan Collini held the 2022 LCE Annual Lecture. Collini is Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History and English Literature at Cambridge University, and a Fellow of the British Academy. After Collini's lecture, the event opened for a general discussion with the audience.

Before Collini's lecture, we organised a Panel Discussion on Interdisciplinarity in Literary Studies with the contributions of

  • Christian Benne – “Against interdisciplinarity. An atopian reflection”. (Professor of German and European literature and intellectual history at the University of Copenhagen)
  • Karin Kukkonen – “Interdisciplinarity: The Long and the Short Horizon”. (Professor in Comparative Literature and Convenor of LCE at the University of Oslo)
  • Bruno Laeng – “The third culture”. (Professor in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Oslo)
  • and Mathilde Skoie – “Opportunities & obstacles: a view from the second floor of P.A. Munch’s house”. (Professor in Latin at the University of Oslo).

Stefan Collini responded to the presentations and provided his own reflections, based on his work on today’s university and its imperative for interdisciplinarity. The discussion was moderated by Sarah Bro Trasmundi, Researcher at LCE and Senior Lecturer at The University of Southern Denmark. 

In collaboration with the LCE Annual Lecture 2022, Litteratur på Blå arranged a conversation titled "The death of literary criticism?" between Stefan Collini and Margunn Vikingstad, writer and literary critic at Morgenbladet. This event took place on Blå, Oslo, and was moderated by Karin Kukkonen. The talk will soon be available as a podcast from Litteratur på Blå (external links).

Literature, Cognition and Emotions thanks Stefan Collini, the speakers, respondents and moderators, as well as all who attended the Annual Lecture 2022 and the connected events for their contributions.

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