Reading Group with Stefan Collini

The LCE Reading Group discusses "The Two Cultures".

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22 September 2022, 09.15 AM

This reading group is arranged in connexion with the LCE Annual Lecture. We will discuss the classical "Two Cultures" debate together with Stefan Collini. 

The "Two Cultures" debate goes back to a lecture by the scientist and novelist C.P. Snow. Snow observed that while everyone in the Western world tends to have a basic cultural knowledge, knowledge about science tends to be confined to those that have studied it. In his example, everyone will have heard of Shakespeare but not everyone knows the second thermo-dynamic principle. 

Snow held his lecture in 1959. Does his observation still apply? Are the two cultures still separate? And has science literacy overtaken cultural literacy?

Reading material

  • Collini, Stefan. "Introduction" in F.R. Leavis, Two Cultures? The Significance of C.P. Snow. Cambridge: CUP, 2013. pp. 1–51

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